Salud Services - Alternative Healing Arts
My name is Noel and I am an uncle to Philip.  While visiting Philip in early October he gave me two treatments, especially for my right hip, leg and ankle.  Some time last spring I was having trouble with the Achilles tendon in my right heel, and because of the pain, I was apparently favoring that foot and that gave my right hip some grief.  I saw my doctor about that and got some shots to help ease the pain, but it didn't go away completely.  In August I slipped on a ladder and injured my right leg on the shin below the knee, then on Labor Day weekend I sprained my right ankle by not stepping properly on a step.  All of that has caused me a great deal of pain and swelling.  During the treatment with Philip I felt an energy surge through my right leg, and the pain in my hip disappeared after that.  The ankle continues to heal, especially if I wear a brace or wrap it, and then the swelling isn't as great.  Yesterday I decided to go without the brace or wrap, and there was some swelling, but nothing like it was a month ago.  Healing continues to happen with the ankle, and it's almost complete.
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